Go is a relatively simple game with few rules. Play is mainly learned
by experience. As a beginner, around 30 kyu in strength, you will
not necessarily know or understand all the rules of the game. That’s
OK, the definition of this rank is someone who does not yet know
all the rules.
You may already have been taught how to play by your instructor.
In this case, you can use this section as a reference.
If the official AGA rules are a bit of a mouthful for you, feel free
to skip them and come back later.

  1. The Board and Stones
  2. Play
  3. Compensation (komi)
  4. Handicaps
  5. Capture
  6. Repeated Board Position (Ko)
  7. Passing
  8. Illegal Moves
  9. Ending the game
  10. Disputes
  11. The Last Move
  12. Counting

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